Well Plugging

If you have an abandoned or unused well on your property, you need well plugging services to properly seal it to prevent groundwater contamination.

Did you know that abandoned wells that aren’t plugged correctly could be a serious public safety hazard? Abandoned wells can contaminate your aquifer, which holds and transports your clean water supply, adding harmful bacteria, parasites, and other unhealthful contaminates to your supply of ground water. Chemicals and viruses can also enter your water supply through your abandoned well. These contaminates can cause illness or other health issues, especially if they contaminate your drinking water!

Open, abandoned wells can make your whole property a safety hazard.

Well Plugging Service

A professional well plugging service is a step-by-step process which must be done carefully and efficiently.

All the pumping system and other pipes and obstructions in the well must be removed before plugging your well. This ensures that no ground water will enter the well through the pipes and become contaminated.

Then, the well is disinfected and filled with multiple layers of sealing materials before the upper well casting is removed, along with other parts of the well.

After your well has been properly filled, a steel cap is welded over the well hole.

This process should be done by a licensed well sealing contractor, as it requires special equipment and knowledge of the piping system to be done correctly.

An amateur well plugging job can leave your abandoned well still connected to your aquifer and still able to contaminate your water supply.

Professional Well Plugging

After your well is professionally plugged, you don’t need to worry about further contamination or safety issues.

A professional well plugger gets the job done quickly and correctly.

Scott Drilling Inc. provides efficient, professional well services so you can rest assured your water is clean and safe!